nuclear engineering: it's more than you think

photo of a nuclear engineering studentAbout Texas A&M

You’re serious about what you want to do with your life. So are we.

Seriously: We need young men and women who really want to be nuclear and radiological health engineers.

We’re not going to kid you — it’s going to be a challenge.

But if you’re good enough and want it enough, it’ll pay off — a fascinating career, a chance to do good things and make an excellent salary doing it.

Dr. Braby works in the nuclear engineering labIf you’re good enough to study nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University, we have a deal for you – a good deal: scholarships (tell your folks) including some that pay qualified students as much as $10,000 over four years. Learn more about our scholarships.

This is just the beginning. You’ll study with some of the brightest folks around. The professors you’ll learn from are as good as there are. Plus, you’ll be part of an academic department that’s more like a family than a bunch of professors and students.

A photo of the exterior of the Nuclear Science Center at Texas A&M UniversityOur teaching laboratories are as good as you’ll find anywhere. We’re the only nuclear engineering department in the United States that has two research reactors. Plus four accelerators.

And when you get your degree – did we mention that nuclear engineers make very good salaries? Better than most other engineers, in fact, and that’s way better than most other jobs. (Check out the Wall Stree Journal's data.)

Talk to us if you have questions about nuclear engineering and radiological health engineering.

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